A native of Sumter, SC, Don started playing piano in grade school. He has played professionally with national acts such as Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose as well as regional groups Charity, Toyz, Hav-N-Fun and others. 

Multi-talented Darlington, SC native Andy can list stage, theater, TV, and comedy among his credentials.  With an uncanny ability to play virtually any instrument, Andy gives Recollections an unparalleled flexibility to try just about anything.

 Oneida Martin   Vocals

 David Shoemaker    Drums, Vocals

 Andy Locklair    Bass, Vocals


Bob is originally from Manning, SC and has played trumpet since the 5th grade.  He performed and managed regional act Freedom for many years, In addition to his extensive musical contribution, Bob also directs the marketing effort for TRB.

Florence, SC native Greg can truly be described as a musician's musician.  He has performed every genre of music possible and when not playing with TRB or one of his own projects he is in constant demand to "sit in" with many other groups.

Originally from Statesville, NC David is a veteran of many regional and local acts including The Catalinas and The Silver Eagle Band.  An accomplished audio, lighting and set designer, he has many regional and national projects to his credit.

 Don Smith   Keyboards, Vocals

 Cecil Ridgill  Saxophone, Percussion, Vocals

Cecil played in his first band in his hometown of Manning, SC at age 16.  He has played with regional groups Southern Nights and Hav-N-Fun among others.  An experienced audio engineer, he has supported many regional and national acts including Chubby Checker, The Platters and The Showmen.


 Bob King   Trumpet, Keyboards, Vocals


A North Carolina native, Oneida brings a wealth of experience to TRB.  A veteran of stage, theater, and

a former cruise ship entertainer she is at home in any venue.  With her dynamic vocals, we consider Oneida to be the voice of Recollections.

Recollections Band

 Greg Purvis    Guitar, Vocals